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What Is The Lock Inn?

Thanks for coming to visit us at The Lock Inn.

We work in events. Like many across the world, we’ve recently been left with nothing to attend and nothing to work on. 

But we still love creating and attending great live shows. 

After a little thought and too many nights scrolling aimlessly on streaming platforms, we decided to create The Lock Inn. 

It’s an online events venue and its ​mission is simple: to produce great events and bring them into your homes, live.

​Think of us as you would any venue, we’ll have some events you’ll like; others you won’t. You can check out our upcoming events tab to see what’s coming up.

​If there’s a show you'd like us to produce or if you’d like to work with us, say hello –


Hopefully we’ll see you at a show soon. 



The Lock Inn Team

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