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In this short drama, Eamon Carr again invokes the Ghost of CúChulainn, the powerful central character of his play DUSK. With Garrett Lombard as CúChulainn, Denis Conway as the visionary Seer and Olwen Fouéré as the Chorus, a triumvirate of exciting Irish talent breathe life into the impassioned “hunter, guardian, man of remorse.”  

These performances were filmed during the lockdown in April, May and June of 2020 obeying all government directives on social distancing and without any of the cast and crew actually meeting in person. 


 reviews for dusk

“Rich theatrical tapestry... underpinned by pure conviction and executed with high ambition.” Katy Hayes, Irish Independent

“Garrett Lombard strikes the balance between ethereal and human qualities in the character with gravity and intensity.” Saoirse Anton. 

“Wonderfully executed .. a tour de force.” Paul Murphy, Meath Chronicle

meet the makers 



Eamon carr


Eamon Carr is a journalist, art historian, poet and playwright.

His book The Origami Crow: Journey into Japan, World Cup Summer 2002 was described as “a profoundly moving narrative on the universal nature of grace and redemption."

His verse play Deirdre Unforgiven, A Journal of Sorrow (Doire Press) was hailed by The Times Higher Education Review as “An audacious mix of Irish myth, Japanese Noh theatre, reportage and modern history. Utterly bleak and utterly beautiful.”



Garrett Lombard


Originally from Wexford and trained at the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Garrett is a hugely accomplished Irish actor who has appeared in leading roles in all of Ireland’s major theatres and on tour internationally as well as playing leading roles in Irish film and television.

You can learn more here.


the seer

denis conway


A Cork native, Denis is one of Ireland’s leading stage actors and has appeared in major productions in all Ireland’s theatres, on the West End and on Broadway. 

Recent theatre credits include: Alone in Berlin,(Northampton/York); Glengarry Glen Ross (ATG); The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Michael Grandage Co); and Chasing Bono (Soho Theatre).

You can learn more here.

dENIS cLO.jpg


Denis Clohessy


Denis has been creating music for film, television and theatre for more than 20 years including some of Ireland’s most memorable film and stage productions from the last two decades.

You can learn more here.



Andy Cummins

Andy was born in Waterford and began his career with Red Kettle Theatre Company in 1995 working as a production manager and board member for the company until 2005. He worked as an independent producer for several years before forming Red Iron Productions in 2014 to produce Deirdre Unforgiven also by Eamon Carr. In 2016 he produced the acclaimed Dusk at Dublin's Historical GPO which was one of the cultural highlights of the capital's centenary celebration. 

CúChulainn awakes is his third collaboration with Eamon Carr and the first film and he is delighted to be working with this elite team of artists again.

You can learn more here.


The Chorus

Olwen Foueré


Born on the west coast of Ireland of Breton parents Yann Fouéré and Marie-Magdeleine Mauger, Olwen Fouéré is an actor, director and creative artist whose extensive practice navigates theatre, film, the visual arts, music, dance theatre and literature. 

You can learn more here.


Visual production

Killian ginnity 

Killian  is a digital content creator with experience producing across a range of multimedia, including news (Newstalk), music (Eamonn Dowd, Otherkin) and short film (Fearhood).

You cam learn more here.

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