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See you in 2021! 


Would you have known your Socky from your Snotser, your Father Todd Unctious from your Father Austin Purcell?

During April and May 2020, The Lock Inn ran The All-Ireland Quiz World Cup.

Each week, we hosted online quizzes in Europe, North America, and Asia /Australia / New Zealand time zones with all questions, unsurprisingly, Ireland based....but definitely not your normal! 

The champion on the night won a Paddy Box with the top 5 moved onto the All-Ireland Quiz World Cup final and a chance to be crowned The All-Ireland Quiz World Cup Champion and receive a €500 flight voucher! 

We'll be back with the All-Ireland Quiz World Cup in 2021 so if you would like to join as a partner drop us a line at or if there is another quiz concept you would like us to work on with you -  feel free to say hello. 

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