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 Reboot Live presented 18 brand new Irish plays, presented as 6 Collections of triple bills especially written and performed live in Dublin, over three weeks, in August & September 2020. 


Each play featured a cast of two socially distanced  performers telling a human story in front of an audience of 10. 

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Collection 1

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Juliet Loved Her Romeo

Written By: Peter Reid

Directed By:  Peter Reid

Starring: Paul Kealyn & Noni Stapleton

The poison didn't work and her stab wound turned out to be non fatal. We meet the famous star crossed lovers on their thirtieth wedding anniversary as they get to reflect on that wild weekend. Was it worth it?

The Greatest Story Ever Cast

Written By: Paul Elliot

Directed By: Paul Elliot

Starring: Jennifer Laverty & Edel Murphy

Mary is about to audition for the role of a lifetime, but she must first impress the formidable casting director,BB who knows what she wants and will not suffer fools. Mary must convince BB to see past her nervous exterior and recognise her talent and ability..

This Is How Term Ends

Written By: Gavin Kostick

 Directed by: Bryan Burroughs

Starring: Alison Oliver & Ben Waddell

One last encounter before real life takes over. One chance to change everything. On a beautiful Dublin Monday morning Martha and Donal struggle to decide if it all ends here: or if it is only the beginning.

Collection 2.png

Collection 2



Written By: Finbarr Doyle and Jeda De Bri

Directed By:  Jeda De Bri

Starring: Finbarr Doyle & Meg Healy

Supported by: Fishamble

Frank runs a late-night pirate radio station from his flat. Tonight his callers all have one thing in common.

Cynthia's Lamp

Written By: Ken Harmon

Directed By: Peter Reid

Starring: Colm O’Brien & Sorcha Furlong

A troubled woman, at a ‘positive living’ class, befriends a jaded snake oil salesman. Realising she possesses a power he's been searching for all his life, he helps her awaken something neither of them understand or can control.

Waiting for The Man

Written By: Pat Nolan

 Directed by: Sean Roper Nolan

Starring: Pat Nolan & Steve Gunn

Paddy and Gerry meet at their 'mens shed' to talk about life, the pandemic and everything. They're getting on in years and wondering if they have gotten anything right

Collection 3.png

Collection 3


But You Stopped Their Hearts

Written By: Amy Kidd

Directed By: Ronan Leahy

Starring: Amy Kidd & Liam Carney

Supported By: Fishamble

A young journalist returns to a place she once called Home to confront the unspeakable story of her past.

Tired and Emotional

Written By: David Butler

Directed By: David Butler

Starring: Byron Hayes, Monika Pacholec

When Ed walked out on his fiancee Katie six weeks before their wedding to hook up with Katie's friend Jana, life changed dramatically for all involved. Now, a year on, Jana is unemployed, friendless, and seven months pregnant.

The Representative

Written By: Sean Millar

 Directed by: Sean Millar

Starring: Neil Watkins, Sarah Kinlen

Two prisoners of theatre, Kneeler and Pedal, must perform. Telling stories is the only power they have, acting out the parts, in which they examine attitudes towards power, and asking their urgent question: what is the difference between acceptance and complicity?

Collection 4.png

Collection 4


Medusa Untold

Written By: Grace Kelley Fitzgerald

Directed By: Grace Kelley Fitzgerald

Starring: Michelle Costello & Graeme Coughlan

Medusa is dead, and she’s not happy about it. While Hermes, the messenger god, leads her to the afterlife, Medusa quickly realises that death is a tedious business.

Finding Love in an Abattoir

Written By: Melissa Nolan

Directed By: Matthew Ralli

Starring: Alexandra Conlon & Matthew O'Brien

Ivo is on a lone mission to expose corruption. Oona is hiding away from the world. The two meet in an abattoir. Together they find what they are missing.

The Lodge House

Written By: Katie McCann

 Directed by: Katie McCann

Starring: Ashleigh Dorrell & Ciaran McGlynn

Supported by: Fishamable


At the start of the 20th Century a young doctor accepts a position on an island off the West Coast of Ireland. Isolated and out of his depth, he is soon entangled in the island’s dark past and discovers a secret that will haunt him forever.

Collection 5.png

Collection 5



Written By: Lisa Walsh

Directed By: Hilary Dziminski

Starring: Deborah Wiseman & Michael Bates

Humpless.. humpful.. humping.. humped.. It’s Tinder Time for Donal and Aine.


Written By: André Silviera & Rodrigo Ternevoy

Directed By: Peter Reid

Starring: Rodrigo Ternevoy & Barry John Kinsella

Marcelo writes a letter home. But where is home now for him. Performed in Portuguese by Brazilian actor Rodrigo Ternevoy and English by Irish actor Barry John Kinsella , this bilingual play is all heart.


Written By: Deirdre Kinahan

 Directed by: Jed Murray

Starring: Deborah Wiseman & Neil Fleming


This delightful comedy depicts a hesitant yet burgeoning relationship between two lonely old souls, a bachelor and a widow who discover they have many common interests including classical music, ham and cheese sandwiches and massage parlours!

Collection 6.png

Collection 6


Don't Kill Spiders

Written By: Witt Tarantino

Directed By: Eimear Keating

Starring: Emma Creaner & Witt Tarantino 

Don’t kill your local house spiders. Catch and release them, let them be, or even befriend one or two. You’d be amazed at what good listeners they can be.

A Time for Healing

Written By: Gary Duggan

Directed By: Gary Duggan

Starring: Aenne Barr & Steve Gunn

Welcome to the first in-person session of this support group for quite sometime. Counsellor, Jeff, is excited to be back. But Lara has issues to address. We’ve been through much, but with the right perspective we could see this as A Time For Healing.

Lie Low

Written By: Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

 Directed by: Oisin Kearney

Starring: Aoibheann McCann & Michael Patrick

After being publicly accused of sexual misconduct, an up-and-coming comedian is vilified on social media and abandoned by his family. Desperate to prove he’s not a monster, he attempts to retrace his steps.This new comedy offers a theatrical exploration into the human brain via the genitals.

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