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Sofft Nights is a new music and festival experience set in the heart of the boyne valley in Co. Meath born out of necessity and growing out of a desire for people to experience live events again in a safe environment.


It is a daughter of the Spirit of Folk Festival, which ran in Dunderry Park from 2011 to 2016 and is now re-emerging for these new times when connection, music, art, soulful activities and access to nature is needed more than ever.

Our first broadcast on October 2nd festured Paul Noonan (Bell X1). CMAT & Junior Brother along with some special surprises.

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At The Lock Inn

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Sofft Nights is produced by Sofft events, a new initiative by old friends Caroline Duke and Natasha Duffy with collaboration by Conor Jacob a production and lighting designer. The threesome found themselves all without work and staring down the barrel of an empty Autumn but have instead invited the Spirit of Folk to come with them on this new journey.

In partnership with The Lock Inn, the event will be filmed &  broadcast online creating an immersive, visceral experience allowing people to watch from the comfort of their own home.

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