Do you want to amaze your friends?


learn how to read their minds?

Make objects vanish in thin air?

Welcome to The Magic College with Jack Wise! 

In this hour-long video, professional Magician Jack Wise will teach you the very best jaw dropping magic tricks that are guaranteed to have your friends gasping in disbelief! 

None of the tricks require special props. In fact, Jack has only chosen tricks that can be done with everyday objects so you’ll be ready to freak out your friends...anytime, anywhere!

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About jack

Dublin Magician Jack took this quote literally choosing not to attend almost all school exams. Instead he turned his attention to a more exciting curriculum which included -

Learning to shuffle a pack of cards and keeping them in exactly the same order

Teaching himself the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation making him appear to be a mindreader!

Learning to slow his heart to fewer than 10 beats a minute which is of no practical use but really freaks people out.

Mastering the art of Sword Swallowing, Jack is one of only sixty swordswallowers in the world today. He is proud to be a member of The Sword Swallowers International Association.

A lot of people have asked Jack as a Magican how he does these things, more people ask why? His reply is always the same ... “Because I can”

Today, Jack Wise entertains at corporate events and as a wedding Magician all over Ireland and England and as a festival performer all over the world!